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Mar. 21st, 2010

Writing out feelings in hopes that it makes me feel a little better...

and you don"t have to read it because it"s kind of depressingCollapse )


sick and tired of being sick and tired


Solid Perfumes~

So, one of my dreams was to begin making solid perfumes. (I also want to be a soapie, and make solid lotion, and like, everything else ever.) Anyway, I finally have the supplies to make solid perfume and I'm getting started on it! :D :D :D Click to check out the list of blends...Collapse )
(lol cool handmade journal, right? Sarah got it for me <3)</div>

Perfumes are being sold for $4 each right now! Expect more once my sunflower oil comes in....


Mrs. B's Halloween Giveaway

I love giveaways... giving and getting them!

Here's three giveaways going on right now that you too can enter at

Click to see the items...Collapse )

Here's to hoping I win something!! D: D: D:

Halloween Sale & Giveaway~

+The Great October Giveaway+
Alright.. Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays.... and so I gotta do a giveaway for it. I want it to be special... and this time, I think I may really add something fun and different about it. This way, it's new for everyone! :D

:pumpkin: How to enter: Submit a drawing, writing, ANYTHING, just a piece inspired by Halloween OR Samhain. Just get into the spirit of things, you know? :D Of course, effort is a clear necessity, but let it be clear that your talent does NOT dictate if you win or not.... luck still will :heart: The idea is to inspire you to make a piece that you can be proud of, that just happens to be inspired by the holiday. When it's done, leave a comment with the link to your art in my forum here.

:pumpkin:How you win: On November 1st, I will check all entries to make sure they're valid, and then use a random number generator to find out who the winner will be. This gives you 3 weeks to create!

:pumpkin: The prize: You will recieve $25 in credit to my etsy store: use it to get anything under $25 for free, or make something over $25 that much cheaper.

+Giveaway Sale+
Worried your favorite item may get snatched from under your nose by a lucky winner? Now's the time to get it. (And if you end up winning, I WILL refund your money or give you credit for another item, so there's no reason to fear! haha) During this sale, ending also at the same time, you can get 20% off anything in the store. Now's your time to strike!

So, what more incentive do you need? POUNCE!

Much luck and Happy Halloween!

*I unfortunately cannot give away anything with shipping costs over $5 due to a higher cost to me. Sorry!

kate, you ARE beautiful

I am so not even kidding right now....

if anyone out there draws a picture of ANYONE (and I mean anyone. animated or otherwise. Obama. Boomhower from King of the Hill. Dr. Frank N Furter. You get the pattern.) with me... and a unicorn..... saying "Kate, you ARE beautiful"

I will flip some sort of crazy shit.

extra points if we're riding said unicorn with strategically covered nudity.
I don't.
How do you use your PC to achieve your goals and dreams?

la da la da la da la laaaaaaa~

Fruits of the day...
check them outCollapse )

Gonna work on more stuff....

Late Friday P-Chatting...

Elsa saves lives. She does so by P-CHATTING DIRTY THINGS WITH MEEEEEEE~

Click to see the dirty!Collapse )

eff you, sir

So, remember that car accident? The other guy does NOT have collision insurance and has admitted he can't get it fixed if it's not taken care of by my insurance...


he says it's my fault. As of now, we've decided we're going to file with our insurance to take care of OUR damages, and drop everything with him. He won't be able to pay or be paid for anything. The good thing is we have over $2,500 in damage, but with our deductible it'll only cost $100... that and go on my driving record, ugh. >:c

Point is, we told insurance we aren't dealing with him anymore no matter how hard he fights. Try to say I had a red light, will you....

Also, I have a fever today. I don't feel really shoddy, but I do. At least the weather lately has been gorgeous, and that's really elevated my mood. It's like... 65 and cloudy. LOVE. I've been driving with the windows down and wind in my hair and it's lovely~ I've also been trying to do some good deeds and mailed out some free things to people who have been kind to me. ThatPaganChick got a free print  (she sent me some oils and a free one to help my heart heal and love myself again), RainadelMagick will get some kitty prints when they finally happen, Elsa's getting a package, so is Sarah...  I wish I could send out things to ALL of you that deserve it though. I'd be lost without you all and your kind words.

Anyway, talking to Elsa and watching ANTM... gonna try to craft in a little bit. Believing in positivity!

PS: Wanting to do a Halloween special for my etsy store, especially making up for the fact that there wasnt one for September. Any fun ideas that I can do for a new giveaway?


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